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that's right, people. i have started writing my next fanfiction. it's a DP-ADJL crossover and i hope to do a good job. i haven't read anything like it before, so i hope those of you who read it will like it.

btw, why hasn't anyone said anything about Alternate children? D: I really want to know what you thought of the ending!!!
Ten months had come to pass and the day to turn back the clock had finally arrived. The people involved were at the abandoned warehouse prepping everything they needed. Hamelin was positioning 18 pocket watches in an octadecagonal shape, while Billy drew lines in chalk connecting said watches, avoiding the center. Meanwhile, Danny and Vlad would light 18 black and 18 red candles on specific points around the room, drawing a circle with them. Clockwork placed pillows at the center of the octadecagon, just to make sure the baby wouldn't hurt himself when he fell from Billy's height, while the humans waited for the rest to finish preparations.
Jazz and Sam waited patiently. Clockwork had said they needed equal amount of humans, halfas and ghosts, as well as equal amount of men and women. That's why Tucker had had to stay behind, considering the ritual had to be performed in solitude. William traced the last one of the 128 lines that made up the magic circle and dried a drop of sweat from his frow with his wristband.

-Done! Hamy, are all the clocks set at 3:52?
-Yeah! With 34 seconds.
-Why is that time important?-Asked Danny.
-That's my time of birth.
-Ok, if everything is ready, then Pocketwatch, you should go stand at the center. Daniel, Vladimir, you two should be on opposite ends at twelve and six. Jazmin, Sama-the goth glared-... Sam: you two will stand on the third watch to their right. Bell, you know where to stand, I'll be across from you, between Sammmmmm and Vladimir.

They positioned themselves, not before Hamelin flew to her boyfriend to give him one last kiss.

-If you don't look for me, imma mess you up, you hear me?
-Don't worry, I will. I also made sure dad and daddy understood when to take me into the ghost zone so I could mess up your recital.

She smirked and punched his shoulder. She floated back to her spot between the Fenton siblings and started conjuring along with Clockwork. They chanted the incantation in time language, making the chalk glow etherealy from the lit candles to the middle. When the glow reached the center, the fire in the red candles turned black, just as the fire in the black candles turned white. Clockwork raised his staff and stabbed the circle, causing the glow to creep up William's legs and he smiled softly.

-See you later, people.

The glow took over his face and his frame started to shrink. They all watched in wonder as the glow completely took over his body, turning him into a figure of light. No features, no sounds. Just a bright sun in the middle of the circle. And then it dispelled. They had to shut their eyes as the flash hit, slowly opening them again when the chanting stopped. Vlad watched as the figure in the circle was now nothing more than a small baby with skin never touched by the sun and hair as dark as the night itself. The baby slowly descended onto the pillows and his former clothes, making Vlad release a breath he didn't know he was holding. He looked towards the master of time, who only nodded reasuringly and the oldest halfa walked to the bundle of fabric in the middle of the room. He picked up the baby carefully and smiled honestly, without another emotion besides bliss, for the first time in decades.

-Welcome, William. My son.

A few years later:

-Happy birthday, Bill!!!
The twelve year old jumped in the air, hovering for like a second before realizing who had yelled and letting himself fall to the ground.

-Damnit, uncle D. You know I don't really like surprises!
-I know, Billy. I just couldn't help myself. It's so hard to sneak up on you!

It was a little wierd calling him uncle, considering the first few years of his life he had thought of Danny as his other dad. But a couple of years ago he had realized it was imposible, considering his age, Vlad's age and the fact that Danny had married Sam when they graduated college. There was no chance in hell his uncle was in a relationship with his dad. It even seemed to disgust both parties when he had suggested it when he was five. No. the younger halfa was simply the greatest most concearned uncle in the universe. He grinned despite his thoughts.

-Ok, so where's my present? Dad got me a new ghostly suit. Hope you can top that.

He saw Danny smirk and shake his head. This rivalry had started because of his father, always trying to top every gift he got, only to be utterly defeated when his uncle got him the best memories. He still remembered when he was snatched away from his dad and taken on a trip across the night sky when he was eight. That day had been amazing.
It's not that he didn't like the presents his dad got him, he did! But when your father is the most influential billionaire in the country, stuff gets old really fast. And Bill was sure his uncle counted on that to give him once in a lifetime experiences. In fact, he wondered what he'd come up with this time.

-Oh. You've been waiting for this for years. Remember that time you found out about your ghostly powers? I seem to recall you asking where all the ghosts were.
-... wait, what?-Danny wasn't hinting at what he thought he was hinting at, right?
-And I seem to recall saying that me and your dad would take you to meet the ghosts when you were older.
-You can't be serious. Really?!
-That's right, Billyboy. You, your dad and I are going -He revealed a slashed portal ripping apart the dimension- into the Ghost Zone!

The birthday boy was beside himself in exitement. The Ghost Zone! The realm where the dead walked! The other side of the coin of his own personal currency! He was finally going to see it! Hell, he might even meet his long lost friend, Youngblood. He was guided towards the shredded fabric of the mortal realm and the three changed into their ghostly counterparts.
Upon arrival, the boy was completely mute. The green swirls of ectoplasm sprinkled with violet doors and windows took his breath away. He watched as glowing people flew around chatting, a couple of ghostly kids playing on a floating island and was that a ghostly giant dog talking to his uncle in esperanto? The giant waved grinning and started running in the other direction, leaving them alone.

-Wulf says to call him when we are ready to go back.
-So what are we doing now?
-Well, there is this recital held by Ember McLain. She's pretty good when she's not trying to take over the city. What do you think, Vlad?
-I'm thinking you should take William while I pay a visit to my allies. Wouldn't want them to mistake us for unfriendly.
-You sure? It's your son's birthday after all.
-Indeed it is, but I can have him all to myself when we get back home. Don't hesitate to call shall anything go awry. Ta.

Vlad used teletransportation, shocking the wits out of his son. Danny, on the other hand, just shook his head motioning for Billy to follow him. They flew calmly towards what looked to be a stadium, a long line of ghosts serpenting towards the entrance. Suddenly a ghost shrieked.

-It's Phantom!-All the other specters turned in horror at the mention of his name and Billy had to wonder how terrifying might his uncle be if the ghosts shrieked at his sight.
-Take it easy, fellas! As long as you are not interfering with the life of mortals, he doesn't care.

A ghostly woman with green hair made her way towards them. She had red eyes, dreads and wore a red outfit. She greeted Danny like an old friend and then she glanced down at the boy with the flaming white hair.

-So this is Billy Plasmius. Rumours say you are training him, ghost boy.- Said halfa blushed at the old nickname.
-Well, I don't expect him to follow my steps. I'm just teaching him how to control his powers in case he needs them. We came to celebrate his birthday.
-Oh, I see. Say, Billy: did you come to watch the show?
-Um, yeah. Miss....
-Oh, call me Kitty. Here, follow me, you two.

The two halfas followed her towards the entrance, the ghosts making way for them. Some in fear, some in respect. The youngest in the group wondered about that. Was this lady feared? She didn't strike him as much. Then again, daddy(I mean, Danny) always said not to be fooled by appearances. Particularly his own. One time, he had gone trick or treating with his classmates and the older kids had made fun of their costumes, stealing their candy because ''they weren't frightening enough''. He had stayed behind, transformed and spooked the older kids so much with the fangs, the red eyes and the flaming hair they had literally shat themselves. That didn't mean he was strong, though.
They reached a backstage door leading towards the VIP sector. Danny fussing over it, saying they could wait in line like the rest, only to be shushed by Kitty, saying Vlad had made sure everything went acording to his expectations.
They stayed there for the show, albeit reluctantly from Danny's part, and left once it was over. He had been right. That Ember was actually pretty good. But what had really captivated him was the other performer. A ghostly girl playing the violin. She had only played for a bit and had recieved something like a glare from the older musician upon doing a goosebumping solo. Billy jumped down the stairs, dodged people, snuck into backstage and went looking for this angelic girl. He heard a violin and followed it, almost enchanted. He reached a door with an ornamented H engraved, waiting no second to knock on it. the music stopped, firey green hair and toxic green eyes greeting him from the other side.

-If you're looking for Ember, she's in the room next door.-the girl was about to close the door on his face.
-No! I … was actually looking for you.-At this the girl's eyes widened.
-Really? You … like my music?
-I find it hipnotizing.-The girl smiled with her purple lips.-Name's William. What's yours?-and just like that, it vanished again.

Danny ran through the hallways from backstage. Billy had just run like a madman and now he had lost him. Ghosts. If Vlad heard about this he was so fully dead. Vlad was more the mother hen and Danny did NOT want to learn what the older halfa would do to him if he lost their child. He saw firey blue hair and sighed.

-Ember!-The guitarrist turned around, her hair a little bigger.-Have you seen a kid with flaming white hair?
-Oh? You lose your son, dipstick?-she asked with a smirk.
-I got no time for your teasing. Vlad's going to make me full ghost if I don't find him. Please! This is your lair, you know it like the back of your hand!
-Ok, chill. Geez, babypop. You freak out more than Skulker when he accidentally trapped Hamelin once. Now, let's see.

She looked to one side and then the other, before guiding the nervous halfa around. A couple of turns later they heard a crash. They ran towards the sound and stopped abruptly when they found the source. A girl with green hair in a raging flame was using her violin to make a boy with dimming hair slam himself over and over against a wall. She was screaming at him.

-How dare you NOT KNOW MY NAME?!?!?

Miles away, on a tower drowned in the sounds of ticking, a caped ghost with blue skin smiled at the scene.

-Guess he did make the same mistake twice. Go figure.
Alternate Children chapter 7 Epilogue
I hope you guys like this. if i feel like it, i'll probably do a sequel, but not probable. I'll most likely do drabbles. like: i have this cute little scene of Vlad trying to get billy to take a bath a danny shows up to help.
Ok, so the plan was as following. William would stay in Amity Park with Vlad until the moment of his birth, wich would be a year ahead aproximately, and get his clock turned backwards until he was a newly born baby. Then, Vlad would say that someone put the kid on his doorstep and adopt him. That way, the kid would have a birth certificate and a real dad from day one. His memories would be nonexistent. That way, Billy would have a somewhat normal life.

Of course, Danny still worried. Would Vlad teach this kid to be his evil apprentice? He couldn't allow it. No son of his was going to evil. Which brings us to the current discussion. Billy sat comfortably on one of the older halfa's high class couches placed in the secret lab looking on amused while Danny glared at Vlad with his arms crossed and the Mayor glared right back.

-Daniel, you are too young to raise a child. I will not put you through that.
-Still, I don't want Will to be raised by a crazed up fruitloop. Who knows what you'll teach him!
-Oh, please! As if he would be safer in your home, growing up trying not to be discovered by your parents!
-Don't drag them into this, Vlad!
-You know perfectly well what they would do, Daniel. William himself is proof of that!
-And Danielle is proof of your education!
-You know, for straight men, you two act like a married couple.

Both halfas tensed and turned slowly to look at their son. Who had apparently ignored the whole conversation. Or at least the part where they mentioned the Fentons.

-Yeah dad?
-Don't EVER say that again.
-And for once we agree.

The 17 year old only laughed at their disgusted faced. How could he not: they had even stepped away from each other, realising they were too close. He stood and stretched.

-You could always come check up on me, Danny. Take me out for a walk and stuff. Besides, who said Vlad would be the only one teaching me? You could teach me ecto-ice control and there's always Clockwork!

The youngest halfa seemed to meditate this. Seeing Will regularly would imply seeing the fruitloop more often. Then again, that didn't necessarily mean they had to fight. But how to ensure that Vlad would follow through on the deal?

-Ok. I will alow it. On one condition. You will sign a contract with me, Plasmius. A valid one in both, the human and the ghost zone.
-You still don't trust me, Daniel?

The latter just glared. Vlad sighed. The thing with the contract would be the only way to keep the young halfa from kidnapping his own son, wouldn't it? Just perfect. The silver haired man snapped his fingers and told the vulture that showed up to get Ghostwriter. Until they could convince Walker to free him for the Christmas fiasco they would have to wait. For all they knew, it could take a year. If not more.
Billy took this oportunity to look around. Last few times he had been here, it had been for a mere second and just to make sure Vlad was ok. He might have accidentally shown up on scanners and ghost detecting devices, but Vlad hadn't mentioned those at all. True, that could mean the man had already figured it out upon seeing how the devices recorded his ectosignature.
The young time traveler turned a corner and found... a dead end. Dead end? Why would there be a dead end in a mansion?! Unless... this wasn't a dead end at all. The owner of this mansion was after all half ghost, which meant he could walk through walls and that meant dead ends were never dead for the dead. Huh? William sometimes hated the way his mind worked. He turned his head intangible and looked past the wall. There it was. Vlad's secret … study? Funny, Bill always thought the secret part would be the lab. He walked inside, disregarding the bickering he heard in the distance. Books covered all of the back wall, the massive library's theme consisting on genetics, ghosts, the study of substances and did he see a first edition of 'On the origin of species' by Charles Darwin? The green tome with golden details claimed his attention. He walked towards it and carefully picked it up. He realized it had barely been opened, consistent with it being such a valuable object, and thus deciding to put it back where it belonged. He turned again, staring at the top of the ebony desk, finding it neatly organized. On one side was a laptop, the desktop lined with digital copies of the books behind it; while on the other side was a pile of neatly hand written papers.

-Odd. Why would dad have hand written papers when he can type on the computer?
-That's because those are drafts, William.

A shriek made its way through his throat as Billy looked up, seeing both his parents. One looking at him with some sort of annoyance and the other looking around amazed. Apparently it was Danny's first visit to this room too.

-Wow, Vlad. To have a secret room in a secret room. You must be a real piece of work up there.
The older halfa sighed.-It's not paranoia if the secret room in the secret room gets found, little badger.
-Oh, what. Now you gonna put a secret room in the secret room that's inside a secret room? Fruitloop.
-Sorry dad. I was just looking around. What are these drafts for, anyway? I'm curious.

Vlad transported himself next to his yet unborn son and picked up the papers. He looked through them and handed the seventeen year old a specific one.

-''Halfa biology and how to treat the new species'' by Vladimir I. Masters?
-That's right, William. If the new breed is going to reproduce, which after the last week we know is a fact, then we'll need to learn every difference halfas have with humans and ghosts. And we need to discern between general halfa characteristics from individual ones. For example: while my temperature is greatly above the average for a human being, Daniel's is far below it.
-Hey! How do you know my temperature is below the normal!
-Daniel, has noone ever told you that you are the equivalent of a walking fridge?

At this point, the younger halfa was onto the paper too, blushing madly at the accusation, while the not quite born yet halfa smirked in his direction.

-Now that you know I've been collecting data on halfas, will you kindly accompany me to the medical wing of my lab and provide the information willingly?
-I dunno, Vlad.- the young halfa squinted his eyes at him in mistrust.-Can you asure me you won't use this information against me?
-You seem to be implying that I will continue to scheme against you, but worry not, little badger. I already have the perfect halfa son, thanks to your careless parents.

The original halfas glared at each other. Their son just munched on popcorn, watching it all play out. He usually just bothered Danny, 'cause let's face it: annoying his younger parent was hillarious. He'd sneak up on him at school, he'd make faces only ectoplasmic entities could see on the back of Lancer's head, making stuff invisible remotely so Danny would trip and stuff like that. But seeing his parents behaving like little kids arguing over candy was just too good. Of course, now that there was virtually no reason to be evil, V-dad was trying to get D-dad to cooperate so they could finally get basic halfa health information. Billy could see the logic in that. They'd need the info for when he was a child and didn't remember his own norm. And yet he couldn't bring himself to stop the fight. If aunt Jazz were here, she'd probably say he was just stalling because he liked seeing his parents interacting, even if it was a fight.
… Ok, enough was enough. He was not some crybaby nor a corny little sadsack. Ignoring the heat on his cheeks he cleared his throat.

-Danny, he's not going to use it against you. Besides, think of the perks of having someone with medical experience and actual equipment ready to treat you and having your basic information so that he can check what's wrong! Daddy-o here just wants our safety, even if he's too much of a fruitloop to phrase it correctly.

Danny smirked while Vlad gave the accustomed yell 'I'm not a fruitloop'. After mocking the grown up a little more, the 14 year old agreed to let said man scan his vitals. Billy had made an excelent point after all.
Present by tofy-dei
So a neighbour crafted me a Danny Phantom inspired bracelet :heart:

the woman rocks!
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Tagged by brickburner 

1) What's the stupidest/funniest think you have ever done? ok, so i guess everyone already knows my mother language is NOT english. my country displays the name of the street with an arrow that shows which ways can be driven. my dad travelled to the us and when he showed us the photos a sign popped up a couple of times. ... i asked in all seriousness why there where so many streets called 'ONE WAY' ... yeah, not my proudest moment...
2) What food do you HATE the most, like absolutely HATE? can i mention something i refuse to try? like escargot? well, there you have it.
3) What's the lowest grade you've ever gotten on anything? the lowest. i was on my maths final, finished it, nervous af and when i closed my calculator a paper went flying. those had been my notes. i used them in class and i had totally forgotten to take them out of the calculator  before the test. i got a 1. (an f) and yet i passed because the rest of my notes were all 10s (As) and the sum of it all gave me enough.
4) What's log(23^124)? >:3 aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww... i don't have my calculator with me! wait ... 168.854251666
5) What's the weirdest thing you've ever licked? ,,, my cat?
6) Do you like juice? If so what's the best juice ever x3 oooohhh best juice ever! pomegranate!
7) Talk about anime things or TV things, whichever you like better that is a little dangerous. i could be talking about anime and cartoons for 24 years. also Teen Wolf. but bbasically i grew up with anime. anime is my LIFE. plus some people say I behave like a cartoon...
8) Johnny's mother has 3 kids. Two of her kids are named April and May, what is the name of the third child? Johnny.
9) Have you looked at my spotify playlist yet??? uhhhh no?
10) How much does your best friend know about you? she knows everything. except the fact that sometimes I have the urge to kiss her...
-----End of jennyshiii's tag, the rest are for herikayela's tag including the ones above-----
11) What's your view on pineapples? this one
12) For whom does the bell toll? .... um... my future?
13) Does the number 42 mean anything to you? THE ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!

questions by :iconbrickburner:
1) If there is an elephant in your room, would you adress it? possibly. i'd be like 'Hey dumbo! what's up?!'
2) What color shoes are you wearing? invisible 
3) Based solely on the previous question, how likely is it you have superpowers? um... well... not very likely. but my brother surely does!
4) What are those superpowers? Describe your favorite. corrosive feet. shoes don't even last him a year.
5) Would you say you are the Pun Master? not really, but i do make good puns every once in a while.
6) Describe yourself from your best friend's point of view if they were sarcastically describing you to a police sketcher. My best friend is not sarcastic in the least. she's a gentle soul and she'd never rat me out to the cops(?) so here's my own description of myself instead :D ''short. like reeeeally short. also chubby. she's like a hobbit, but not doing much sports. she's also a walking costume after the other, she has only two curls on her head and they are on her temples. there's this mole on the left side of her mouth which will grow hair any second now and she's also pale. the constant bads under her eyes don't help either, so...''
7) How likely is it for you to procrastinate? Are you doing it right now? It's okay, you can take your time with this question :P (Lick). (I'll answer that one later)
8) Pet T-Rex or pet zombie? oh! tough question! um... i think i'll have to go with... zombie. i'd take away all its teeth and put it in a fence outdoors.
9) What is your favorite creation on Deviantart that you yourself created? How about what someone else made? Let's see! well, this is mine and... someone else's ... you know: this may be the hardest question. i've been rumaging through my favourites for almost an hour already. they're all way too good!!!
10) Tell me a secret! now, if i told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it? ;)
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that's right, people. i have started writing my next fanfiction. it's a DP-ADJL crossover and i hope to do a good job. i haven't read anything like it before, so i hope those of you who read it will like it.

btw, why hasn't anyone said anything about Alternate children? D: I really want to know what you thought of the ending!!!


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